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Introduction To Relined Pipe Inspections

Pipe relining is an innovative method that renews your drain and sewer pipes without the need for traditional pipe replacement. A flexible epoxy resin liner creates a new internal surface within your existing pipes, restoring their function.

While pipe relining eliminates the need for digging or pipe removal, regular inspections are critical to prevent future costly repairs. Regular inspections enable early detection of pipe issues, preventing costly damage and extending the lifespan of your relined pipes.

Our CCTV drain inspection process is minimally invasive yet thorough, checking for issues such as compromised liner seals, misaligned pipes, and tree root intrusions, allowing us to repair any damaged sections and ensure the longevity of your relined pipes.

Routine camera inspections help to identify potential problems in your new pipe lining’s condition transparently, such as a broken pipe, taking the guesswork out of understanding its integrity. Our licensed plumbers in Sydney advise an inspection of your relined pipes every 2-5 years to maintain them in top condition.

Recommended Frequency For Inspecting Relined Pipes

This guideline ensures proactive monitoring, allowing for prompt resolution of issues before they lead to significant damage.

Frequency of inspections for relined drains should take into account factors such as the pipe’s age, material, usage patterns, and environmental factors affecting your plumbing system. Older or heavily-used pipes may require more frequent inspections, whereas lightly-used, newer pipes could be checked less often, typically every five years.

In areas with acidic soil conditions, such as Hunters Hill, which can hasten pipe wear, inspecting every three years is prudent for early detection of problems like liner breaches or root intrusions.

We specialise in drain inspection cameras offering minimal disruption, where pipes can be assessed without the need for excavation. After assessing your lines, we’ll lay out an optimal ongoing inspection schedule in line with the pipe relining process to maximise your investment.

What To Look For During An Inspection

During inspections of relined pipes, be vigilant for common indications of potentially blocked drains:

  • Foul sewage odours emanating from your drains
  • Diminished water pressure or gurgling noises, potentially hindering hot water delivery
  • Delayed drainage, signalling a potential blockage
  • Excess water gathering near your drains
  • Indications of pipe damage, such as cracks or leaks
  • Visible signs of cracked broken pipes along joints or seals
  • Misaligned pipe sections
  • Corrosion, holes or damage spots in liner

Our Hunters Hill plumbers utilise state-of-the-art CCTV drain cameras to identify these and other sewer pipe issues. We meticulously examine the interior of your pipes to identify vulnerabilities such as damage or blockages, assess the health of your sewer system, and provide tailored solutions to restore functionality.

If you observe any worrisome symptoms, reach out to our skilled plumbers for a prompt drain inspection. Early detection of issues can prevent the future need for more extensive pipe repairs.

Conducting A Thorough Pipe Inspection

During pipe inspections, our licensed Sydney plumbers use advanced CCTV drain cameras for a comprehensive assessment, without digging.

As our technician guides the camera through your pipes for sewer pipe relining, real-time video is transmitted to their monitor for analysis.

Factors evaluated during inspection include:

  • Liner cured coated membrane breaches and leaks
  • Cast iron pipe issues like rust spots, holes or cracks
  • Punctures, blockages and obstructions
  • Root overgrowth and plant invasion
  • Alignment shifts
  • Joint integrity and separation issues

Our detailed CCTV inspections thoroughly scrutinise your sewer lines, capturing clear images of every segment. Should any vulnerabilities be detected, we can provide quotes for customised repair solutions suited to your requirements. Another benefit - video records document pre-existing conditions, which protects your property during transfers.

Video drain inspections efficiently maintain your relined sewer system, providing a non-destructive solution to avert severe plumbing issues. Contact our professional local team today if you, our clients, have any concerns about your plumbing needs – we are always happy to help!

Interpreting Inspection Results

Interpreting CCTV pipe inspection results reveals any issues with your relined plumbing, aiding in the upkeep of its integrity.

As our drain camera travels to see how long your sewer lines last, the high-resolution video footage will clearly reveal any cracks leaks, blockages, misalignments or other issues. Our Sydney plumbers meticulously analyse the depth and condition of your pipes in these videos to pinpoint any potential problems.

Common inspection findings often point to the need for a tailored solution to restore your peace mind regarding plumbing issues, such as:

  • Small cracks or holes in the pipe lining
  • Sections where the liner has detached from the existing pipe interior
  • Build up that requires your pipe cleaned of mineral deposits, roots and other obstructions
  • Joint separation between pipe sections
  • Corrosion and deterioration spots

Fortunately, contemporary no-dig pipe relining techniques can resolve many issues identified during the inspection without requiring excavation. We provide meticulous pipe repair strategies for prompt remediation of identified vulnerabilities, whether that involves patching lining gaps, clearing blockages or resealing pipe joints.

It’s important to thoroughly discuss your sewer inspected video and report with our specialists. We translate the technical terminology into clear language and outline suitable next steps to restore functionality. Many issues, which typically last between inspections, even those in pipes stronger than initial materials, can be rectified with non-invasive methods, eliminating the need dig before escalating into emergency scenarios.

Feel free to contact our professional plumbing team to learn more about your inspection results. Our expertise in delivering quality drain solutions to our customers across Sydney allows us to provide valuable information about pipe conditions and find the right fix tailored to your situation, ensuring your relined pipes continue to operate smoothly for years to come.

Proactive Maintenance For Longevity

Consistent professional inspections and maintenance are key to keeping your pipes operational and your plumbing system in good health. Being proactive ensures complete pipe care, preserving your investment and preventing much last up emergency repairs down the track.

Well-maintained sewer pipes can serve efficiently for 50-100 years. But neglecting issues that take long does to identify during inspections can easily reduce the life expectancy of your system, as even a well-sealed pipe can be compromised over time. Early identification and repair of vulnerabilities in drain pipe relining can effectively avert significant failures.

Our pipe lining specialists will thoroughly assess your system using CCTV cameras, gauge lining thickness, check for cracks, leaks, blocks or root intrusion. If problems are found, drain repair options like patching gaps or clearing obstructions are explained before they worsen.

Book a camera inspection now to proactively address any plumbing concerns. Our inspection services team is always available on 1300 349 338 to answer questions about maintaining your plumbing system with relined pipes you can rely on for enhanced longevity.

Be proactive!

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