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Prepare Hot Water System Winter
Prepare Your Hot Water System for Winter

Winterizing your hot water system properly is crucial to avoid issues like sediment buildup and frozen or burst pipes. Simple steps like draining the tank, insulating exposed pipes, and checking pressure relief valves can save money and prevent problems.

Questions Choosing Pipe Relining Contractor
Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pipe Relining Contractor

When your pipes need repairs, pipe relining is a trenchless and effective solution. To pick the right contractor for the job, inquire about their expertise, licenses, equipment, and customer reviews to ensure a smooth process.

Drain Systems Evolved Time
How Drain Systems Have Evolved Over Time

Drainage systems have a long history over thousands of years, evolving from early civilisations to modern plumbing. From clay pipes to sustainable drainage, discover the past, present and future of urban and agricultural drainage.

Choose Pipe Lining Company
How to Choose the Best Pipe Lining Company

Choosing the right pipe relining company in Hunters Hill is important to avoid future pipe problems. Compare experience, materials used and costs from multiple licensed, insured companies before deciding. Expect a full inspection, honest quotes, quality epoxy resin materials and warranties from the best.

Inspect Relined Pipes?
How Often Should I Inspect My Relined Pipes?

Old pipes should be inspected for issues every 2 years. New epoxy relining creates pipes that last 50+ years. Schedule regular drain inspections with a plumber to prevent plumbing problems before they start.

Pipe Relining Effective Hotels?
Is Pipe Relining Effective for Hotels?

Pipe relining is an efficient and affordable solution that repairs pipes from the inside out with minimal disruption. It extends the lifespan of drainage systems and eliminates leaks, making it ideal for hotels.

Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance Tips
Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Each season brings its own plumbing challenges. Performing regular maintenance can prevent pipe damage, leaks, and clogs. Have your plumbing inspected by a professional before winter to avoid frozen pipes. And clear debris from drains and gutters in fall and spring.

Blocked Drains Relate Septic Tank Problems
How Blocked Drains Relate to Septic Tank Problems

Blocked drains can overwhelm septic systems, causing backups, overflows and failures. Signs include slow drainage, gurgling sounds, soggy ground and sewage overflowing into the home. Professional drain cleaning and septic tank pump outs can prevent damage.

Address Hot Water Drain Valve Issues
How to Address Hot Water Drain Valve Issues

Having problems with the drain valve on your hot water system? We explain how to troubleshoot and fix issues to get your hot water running properly again. Contact us for professional plumbing services to help address any hot water system drainage problems.

responsible unblocking drains?
Who is responsible for unblocking drains?

Put simply, the tenant must pay any damage they or guests cause. But if a structural defect exists, the landlord should repair blocked drains. Contact us if your drains need urgent attention.

Test Hot Water Thermostat Minutes
Test Your Hot Water Thermostat In Minutes

Checking if your hot water system thermostat is faulty is quick and easy following our guide. We outline the simple process to test your thermostat in minutes using a multimeter. If faulty, call us to repair or replace your hot water system thermostat today.

Pipe Relining Suitable Industrial Facilities?
Is Pipe Relining Suitable for Industrial Facilities?

Pipe relining provides a trenchless, affordable and environmentally friendly way to repair damaged pipes in industrial facilities. Our experienced plumbers can repair any type of pipe without excavation.

Baking Soda & Vinegar Clean?
Does Baking Soda & Vinegar Clean?

The combination of baking soda & vinegar does create an exciting chemical reaction. However, while it has some cleaning uses, it is not as effective as commercial cleaners on its own.

Safely Disposing Harmful Household Chemicals
Safely Disposing of Harmful Household Chemicals

Household chemicals like cleaners, pesticides or paints can damage pipes or pollute water if not disposed of correctly. Take them to special chemical cleanouts or hazardous waste facilities instead of pouring down drains. Improper disposal harms health and the environment.

Long Relined Pipes ?
How Long Do Relined Pipes Last?

Quality pipe relining creates durable pipes that match or exceed the lifespan of new pipe materials. With proper installation, relined pipes typically last 35-50+ years.

Typical Lifespan Hot Water System?
What Is The Typical Lifespan Of A Hot Water System?

The average lifespan of a hot water system depends on the type. Electric systems last 10-15 years. Gas systems last 8-12 years. With regular servicing every 5 years you can extend the lifespan. Call Hunters Hill Plumbing on 1300 XXX XXX to help maintain your hot water system.

Pipe Relining Fails
What To Do If Pipe Relining Fails

If pipe relining fails or the liner doesn’t adhere correctly, contact a professional plumber to inspect the pipes. They can determine if another relining is possible or if pipe replacement is necessary. Relining often fixes cracked and leaking pipes long-term, avoiding costly replacement.

Prevent Gas Leaks
How To Prevent Gas Leaks

Prevent gas leaks by having appliances routinely inspected and maintaining ventilation. Install carbon monoxide detectors. If you suspect a leak, open windows, shut off gas appliances, leave the area and call emergency services.

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